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                Wagner has been defining global railing and handrail industry standards for decades. Working with thousands of customers over the years, we have been recognized as a reliable source for high-quality, code-compliant handrail and innovative railing solutions along with custom metal fabrication services & contract metal manufacturing. With unmatched expertise and efficiency, Wagner collaborates with customers to deliver the results they need in the timeframe they demand.MORE>>


                  Straightforward glass railing installation with the ability to customize your look.

                  Video & Brochures
                • PANELGrip 2 Glass Railing System

                  With a new, streamlined design, it’s the new standard in glass railing systems.

                  Video & Brochures
                • BikeRail Bike Rack

                  Get the latest Guide Specs on how-to make and install our BikeRail kits.

                  Guide Specifications
                • 糙汉与小白花

                  Installation instructions for Lumenrail.

                • Lighted Railing Spec Sheets

                  Get the latest specifications for Lumenrail.

                  Spec. Sheets
                • Lighted RailingIES Files

                  Find IES filesfor our range of Lumenrail.

                  IES Files
                • 糙汉与小白花

                  Learn about Ultra-tec cable cutting, swaging measurements and how to install cable railing system kits.

                • Splice-Lock Installation

                  Find information on single-lock and double-lock splice-lock installation.

                • Interna RailInstallation

                  Get information about how to assemble and install the Interna Rail handrail systems.

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